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Receive Important Messages from TPSS

TO: Parents/Guardians

SUBJECT: School Messenger - Text Messaging

Timely information from your child’s school is available to you by SMS text messaging. In order to participate in this service, you must first make sure that your child’s school has your correct wireless phone number(s).

After you have done this, please complete the “opt-in” process as follows:

1. Text any ONE of the following words - subscribe, option, or yes to 67587

2. If your text is successful, you will receive the following reply message: “You are registered to receive approximately 3 msgs/mo. Text STOP to quit, HELP for help.”

3. Repeat the process for each wireless number that you wish to include.

Please note that although the School System does not charge for this service, you may be charged a fee by your wireless service carrier for sending or receiving text messages.For further information regarding possible charges, please check with your wireless service carrier. You can get further information by contacting your child’s school.


School Messenger Text Messages