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Ag in the Classroom

Hammond Westside Montessori Students Participate in the Ag Wonders Event
On Wednesday, March 27, students at Hammond Westside Montessori were the teachers for the day at the Ag Wonders Event that is sponsored by LSU
 AgCenter.  It was a wonderful leadership experience for the students at HWM.  and over 1,000 students participated in this learning experience from St. Helena and Tangipahoa parishes. 
Pictured below from left to right are:
Jessie Finch, Julianna Ratcliff, Ava Magliolo, Mattie Proctor, Dantjuan Kelly, Jacob Bourque, London Thomas, and  Lillie Miller. Back row from left to right: 
Michael Paul Ridder and Colette Taillon (Ag in the Classroom Master through Farm Bureau).
Ag in the Classroom
Ag in the Classroom