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    Cathleen Dell
    Email: cathleen.dell@tangischools.org
    Subject(s): 7th Grade Computer Literacy and MYP Design, 7th Grade Science, 8th Grade Journey's to Careers and Design,and 8th Grade Science
    School Phone: 985-345-8481
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    "Follow your heart, Chase your dreams, Inspire others, and respect yourself." (my mom, Dr. Cherree' Morgan)

     My name is Cathleen Dell and I live in Hammond, La.  I am originally from Covington, Louisiana and St. Louis, Missouri.  You may ask yourself how someone can “be from” two places.  Well, I call myself a Mississippi River Rat because my momma lived in Covington and my papa lived in St. Louis.  I spent my childhood traveling back and forth between my two families.  I am a proud mother and Grandmother. My son Clinton, is 23 years old and is attending Texas A&M.  My husband, Alex is a retired US Army Staff Sargent. He is enjoying his field of IT Security.

    I have been teaching for 16 years.  I earned my BS of Education at Missouri Baptist University and earned my Masters of Education at Concordia University Portland. We decided to move to Hammond a few summers ago in order to be closer to my mom.

    My Philosophy of Education

    I believe that it is my duty to facilitate the guidance of all young people to reach the common goal of becoming an individual who possesses the desire to strive for more than mediocrity.  I believe that students learn best when they are actively participating in a thought-provoking environment. Every parent and student has the right to expect that I will approach my performance as a professional. I will ensure that student safety is paramount in our classroom, and our learning will be project based. 

    I believe that in order to be a successful educator I must facilitate the learning of the content area but more importantly foster critical thinking and life long learning skills to help students be competitive in our global community of the 21st Century.

    I believe that learning should be real world and authentic in scope. My classroom is geared to meet every student where he or she is academically and emotionally.  Students are individual beings that possess their own feelings, emotions, strengths, weaknesses, passions, and dreams based on their family’s dynamics.  This brings a huge amount of personal experiences to our educational environment.

    I believe that it is my task to guide students through gaining empowerment, responsibility, and ownership of their own learning. And finally,

    I believe that parents and their children have a high expectation that I will be a professional practitioner and a life long learner.  You can be assured that the safety of our classroom is the umbrella that covers all of our experiences in which we will journey together. And you have the right to expect that I will do my ultimate best to make learning fun and effective while incorporating peer collaboration through a project based learning environment.


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