• “To survive in the future economy, kids must learn how to research, publish and communicate, working with the Internet and other information tools.."
                       ~~ Alan November


  • HEMS Code

    Hammond Eastside First Grader Excels in Coding

    Hammond Eastside Magnet first grade student, Andrew McNamara, pictured here on May 24, 2017,  completed Course 1 of Code.org's Computer Fundamentals class. Andrew hopes to build robots one day, and learning code is one of the first steps to reaching this goal. He be able to continue building his skills this summer as he is now enrolled in Course 2.

  • iOS 10
    Have you updated your Apple Device to iOS10?
    Click here once you do to discover hidden features. 

all things google

  • Google Translate


    Teachers and students who need help with translations should use Google Translate . 

  • Oncourse Classroom Assessment

    This school year, our teachers and students in upper elementary and high school have the opportunity to work online using Chromebooks and OnCourse Classroom. Teachers create online assignments through Oncourse Classroom for students to interact with on Chromebooks or desktop computers. Presenting class assessment in this way provides students with the opportunity to practice engaging with technology enhanced test items. Working online in the Oncourse Classroom environment will help better prepare students for testing in the spring.

    Pictured above are the 6th grade students in Mrs. Milton's ELA class at Vinyard Elementary.


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  • TangiTech Elementary Breakout EDU!

    Participants of this summer's TangiTech Elementary used their critical thinking skills, and a strong collaborative team effort, to Breakout of the normal classroom routine and try something different. Breakout EDU games require critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication. Many of our Tangi Teachers see the benefits of hosting such games in the classroom with their students and cannot wait to begin planning Breakout EDU lessons of their own!


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  • DCR Hurricane Breakout

    The fourth grade students of Mrs. Menona's class at DC Reeves participated in a Hurricane Breakout to test their knowledge on emergency preparedness. Students solved clues to discover the combination of various locks. As the combinations were discovered by each team, the locks were able to be removed from the box. Students had to know how to read latitude and longitude on a map to track a storm, use cardinal directions to plan the best evacuation route, and use inference skills to solve several puzzles.  This game was unique because all 28 students worked in seperate teams to breakout of a single box. Inside of the box were materials and resources the students could use to get ready for the hurricane season.


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  • Chesbrough Library

    Students at Chesbrough Elementary use iPads in the library to practice reading skills.


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  • Today is Sunday, December 17, 2017
  • World Book eBook
    World Book has unveiled a new product and it is amazing!
    Click HERE to see. 
     World Book eBooks offers a collection of highly illustrated, engaging digital titles that support a span of curriculum areas and reading levels. Both teachers and students will enjoy reading books online, both at home and at school, with this amazing digital library.
    Oh, and the site is safari compatible, so it works great on iPads too!

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