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HelpDesk/Device Checkout


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Printable Instructions

Submitting a Ticket for TangiTech Support
First page of the PDF file: incidentIQ-SubmittingTickets

How-To Video

incidentIQ - New User: Submitting a Ticket

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Find information in our TangiTech Toolbox.

Please contact your technology facilitator with specific questions you may have in regards to using the incidentIQ platform.


Device Checkout Team

School Check-out Team: Checking Out Assets and Submitting Student Tickets
First page of the PDF file: SchoolDeviceTeam

Each school has a designated team responsible for checking out devices to students and submitting HelpDesk tickets for student devices.

If a student has lost their device, or if the device is in need of maintenance, please notify your designated person on campus.

Device Check-Out Team: Please first SCAN the device to submit a ticket, verify the device, or check for submitted policies.