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  • ACT at PHS

    PHS will be offering a ACT Weekend Boot Camp in November for the December test.  We will be offering a second boot camp in March.  See attached flyer.

    Friday, Nov 15th                              4:00 PM – 8:30 PM

    Saturday, Nov 16th        9:00 AM – 6:00 PM (Lunch 1:00-2:00)

    Sunday, Nov 17th           9:00 AM – 6:00 PM (Lunch 1:00-2:00) 


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  • PHS Dress Code Requirements

    Parents and students, a reminder that all students must adhere to the dress code.

    Nationwide statistics prove that schools with enforced dress codes have fewer other behavioral infractions. While managing dress code is mildly time consuming, it does help ensure a safer school climate for all of our students.

    Compliance sweeps are being made to inform and remind students what is and is not approved. Please ensure that your child is in approved attire every day. Some problematic areas that must be addressed include the following:

    The following regulations apply for grades Pre-K-12*

    1. Appropriate clothing and footwear shall be worn.
    2. Earrings may be worn in ears by females. Students in grades Pre-K-6 may only stud earrings. Earrings shall not be worn by male students at school or any school-related activity.
    3. Hairstyles and mustaches shall be clean, neatly groomed and shall not distract from the learning environment nor be a safety factor for any of the school's curricular offerings. Beards will not be allowed. Hair may not be dyed any color other than a naturally occurring color (no green, pink, red, blue, purple, etc.) Any hairstyles that distract from the unique environment of a school shall be dealt with by the principal or his/her designee of that school.
    4. No sleeveless garments shall be worn.
    5. No hats, caps, or other headwear shall be worn on school campuses on regular school days, except when a medical condition or religious belief so warrants.
    6. Students will be allowed to wear loose-fitting walking shorts if the bottom of the garment is knee-length.
    7. The length of jumpers and skirts shall be knee-length or below.
    8. All shirt tails much be worn tucked inside garments. No midriff shirts or blouses shall be worn.
    9. Students who participate in extracurricular activities (e.g. cheerleaders, spirit group dancers, band members, other drill teams) cannot wear the group's uniform to class.
    • 10.Modifications to the dress code may be made only with the approval of the Superintendent or his/her designee.
    • 11.All pants must be worn at the waistline and if pants have belt loops a belt must be worn.
    • 12.All items of clothing must be worn as intended by design.

    *Information directly taken form most recent parish dress code update. Detailed parish dress code information can be found here. 


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  • Class of 2023

    Click the image above for the presentation given at the Parent meeting.

    Below you can find additional forms. 

    Scheduling Form

    Revised Elective Sheet


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  • Unity against bullying at PHS

    Students at PHS wore orange today to show "Unity" and pledge "To Speak Up, To Advocate, and To Be A Role Model" against bullying. 


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  • Town Beautification: Students Paying It Forward

    Town Beautification: Students Paying It Forward Image

    Ponchatoula High School students from Glenda E. Dufreche and Toni Burns classes have been awarded funds from The Brown Foundation Community Service Awards Program for the second year. The students installed fifty Woolly-Pocket planters in downtown Ponchatoula at the alligator cage. Students participate in Community Based Instruction on a weekly basis. Click here to read more. 


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  • EMR at PHS

    We are very proud of our Coach Long and the EMR students for their successful MRI. Click here to read a great story published in The Daily Star.

    More pictures can be found here.  


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  • Click on the image below for hints on how to get started with your fasfa application.

    Link for FASFA instructions  


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