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  • Welcome Everyone to Tangipahoa Parish Child Nutrition Services!
    A Message from the Child Nutrition Director....
    On behalf of the Tangipahoa Parish School System, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our Child Nutrition Department's homepage.
    Thank you for allowing us to serve your child this school year! Although this school year, will look a little different, we look forward to providing your child a healthy meal that meets all of the state and federal mandated guidelines within the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs. 
    Students are offered five menu items daily for lunch. Of the five items offered and to meet reimbursable meal requirements, each student must select three items. Due to new USDA regulations, all students must select a fruit or vegetable in addition to or as one of the three items. USDA has implemented these changes to encourage students to eat more fruits and vegetables. USDA has also lowered their requirements for total calories, sodium and saturated fat for all menus.
    Please check out the "Breakfast and Lunch Menus" section of our Child Nutrition's department website for the latest menus. During this time, we are only serving a number of limited food items from our "Pandemic" breakfast and lunch menus.  Once we return to normal operations, then students will have full access to our regular cycle menus.
    In an effort to improve the health and performance of our students, we always encourage students to eat breakfast.  Studies have shown when students eat breakfast everyday it improves academic performance, increase ability to focus and concentrate on school work. Please encourage your child to eat breakfast each and every day with us. We are happy to serve them!
    Kendra T. Reed
    Director of Child Nutrition 
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