• When Do We Zoom? 

    Some teachers will use Zoom to teach you directly, others will post teaching videos and have zoom open for you to pop in for help. 

    Teachers will post links/ invitations for Zoom Classes. Those sessions are optional for students who wish to attend. Virtual attendance is based on completion of weekly assignments. 

    Teachers have “Office Hours” on their planning periods. You may email your teacher if you would like to make an appointment. You can meet with your teacher for help via zoom or in person. 

    Only attend a teacher’s zoom at the time you would have that class in person. So if you want to see your Math teacher and you have Math 1st Hour, you should attend his/her Zoom on Mon & Wed from 7:30-8:20. Our zoom & daily schedules are below. 

    Mon & Wed

    Math & Science

    Tues & Thurs

    ELA & Social Studies





    PJHS Virtual Class Time
    & Teacher Office Hours

    1st Period

     7:30  -   8:20

    2nd Period

     8:30  -   9:20

    3rd Period

     9:30  -  10:20

    4th Period

    10:30  - 11:20


    11:20  - 12:00

    5th Period

    12:00  -  12:50

    6th Period

    1:00  -   1:50  

    7th Period

     2:00  -   2:40 

    Zoom Etiquette