Degrees and Certifications:

Southeastern Louisiana University - B.A. - Art History, Theory, and Criticism - Minor - German - Alternative Certification in Arts Education Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft, Köln, Germany - German Intensive Course University of New Orleans - M.A. - Arts Administration (in-progress)

Mr. Kenning

I like long walks through museums, cable knit sweaters, and hot tea.

On a more serious note...

Talented Art is an enrichment class where students are given individualized, small group instruction along with personalized goals and objectives to work towards throughout the year. I have studied Art Theory and Practice for well over a decade now and have made it my mission to convey that knowledge and experience to as many eyes and ears that will lend me their attention! I specifically focus on helping students discover their individual artistic styles through rigorous exercises and in-depth discussions. For more information on how to be considered for the Talented Art Program send me an email and I will get back to you ASAP... I'm easily distracted. 

-Jordan Kenning