6th & 7th Grade Students attending PJHS for the 21-22 School Year:

     Students must complete an online form to request their elective for next school year by May 7th. Descriptions of the elective classes can be found at the link below. Please discuss the options with your student to help him/her choose a class that will be the best fit for his or her abilities and interests. Current 7th grade students at PJHS will fill out the form with a teacher at school. If you have any questions about classes or requirements, please email lisa.gros@tangischools.org. Please include your student’s full name, the grade they will be in next year and the name of the school that they currently attend in the email. 




    8th Grade Students attending PHS for the 21-22 School Year:

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    Parent Presentation Form PHS Counselors 

    9th Grade Scheduling Form to Turn In 

    PHS Guidance Counselor Webpage

    PHS Scheduling Portal