Phone: (985) 386-6433


Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Teresa Bourgeois

4th Grade Math/ Science

Partner Teacher: Mr. Davin Thomas

I believe that each student deserves an education tailored to his or her strengths and needs.  As a teacher, it is my duty to challenge and support students according to their individual strengths and needs.  

Like myself, students learn best when the construct their own knowledge through exploration and discussion.  Working together as a team enhances the learning environment.  

Optimism and encouragement are powerful.  All humans thrive in a positive atmosphere.  Each student is publicly recognized for his or her strengths and contributions and given credibility with in the classroom.  This makes my classroom a safe place where students can publicly make brilliant discoveries and risk making mistakes.

I received my education degree from the University of New Orleans.  I am happy to be a teacher at D.C. Reeves Elementary School where students soar everyday!