• Kentwood High Magnet School Beta Club
    etter Education Through Achievement

    The objectives of the Kentwood High Magnet School Beta Club are:

    • to encourage and reward creditable student effort and achievement;
    • to seek to cultivate the ideals of service and proper leadership in high school students who will be the citizens of tomorrow;
    • to promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, leadership, and service;
    • to encourage and assist students to continue their education after high school

    The purpose of this organization shall be the promotion and recognition of scholarship, leadership, and good citizenship at Kentwood High Magnet School

    BETA Motto:
    "Let us lead by serving others."

    BETA Pledge:
    I solemnly declare that I shall always strive to hold fast to the principles of honesty, to endeavor constantly to maintain a creditable record, to cultivate in my life and conduct the principles of service and leadership. I further pledge myself to cooperate with the members of the National Beta Club in the promotion of a sense of individual responsibility to our school, community, State and Nation, to make right the master of might, and to consecrate our comradeship to mutual helpfulness and the betterment of our fellow students.