• Tangipahoa Parish Pre-K Philosophy

    All Pre-Kindergarten programs in Tangipahoa Parish School System will adhere to the developmental philosophy as outlined by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).  Inherent in this philosophy is the provision for a child-centered program directed toward the development of cognitive, social-emotional, language and literacy, and motor skills in a manner and at a pace consistent with the needs and capabilities of the individual child. 

    Program Guidelines

    The Louisiana Department of Education receives federal and state funding for early childhood program development. All regular education Pre-Kindergarten programs in the Tangipahoa Parish Public School System are supported by various grant funds. School systems must adhere to federal and state grant guidelines in order to assure continuation of program funds.

    Pre-Kindergarten programs in Tangipahoa Parish Public schools are funded by three major grant awards: LA-4, Title 1 and 8(g).

    The LA-4 program is funded by the State of Louisiana and serves the largest number of prekindergarten children in Tangipahoa Parish. The purpose of the LA 4, Title I, and 8(g) programs are to provide access to universal, high quality, developmentally appropriate Pre-Kindergarten classes to “at-risk” four-year old children who are eligible to enter public school Kindergarten the following year.

    Pre-Kindergarten Grant Guidelines are available on the Louisiana Department of Education Website.