Emergency Procedures

  • The Tangipahoa Parish School System has implemented a system of Parent Notification and Communication called "School Messenger." Parents are requested to provide ALL numbers (home, work, cell, closest relative) at which they can be reached during the school day to the school principal/teachers. The system will automatically call up to three numbers to inform parents of emergency school dismissals/ closings.

    The system will also enable us to communicate with you by email. If you would like to receive correspondence from the school system, your child’s principal and/ or teacher, you will need to provide your current email address. You will also have the option of receiving Text Messages from the School Messenger System. You can follow these directions to opt in to our text messaging service.

    If school is dismissed by the superintendent, the radio stations will be notified almost simultaneously. Schools will be dismissed at the discretion of the Superintendent during severe weather.

    Bus drivers are directed to listen to radio stations if there is severe weather. When school is dismissed, they should proceed to school promptly to pick up children. Home numbers and alternates must be listed with the principal.

    Children whose parents work or may not be at home to care for their children should have an alternate place for them to go in case of school dismissal. Notes should be sent to parents each year notifying them of this policy. The ultimate responsibility of informing school officials of the alternate place for children to be transported rests with the parent.

    To obtain current information on school closings/ re-openings, you may call 985-748-2450.

    Drills will be conducted throughout the school year to insure that students and staff are familiar with the procedures to follow should an emergency occur.
     Severe Weather Alerts