Tinker Tubs

  •  TangiTech Tinker Tubs

    Tinker Tubs contain activities that are perfect for use in a center or with a small group of students. They provide opportunities for students to discover, explore, create, invent and share. Tinker Tubs can be implemented into any content with all age groups. This website will give you more information about the activities contained in the tubs.

    Availalbe Tinker Tubs:

    • Bloxels
    • Coding
    • Cublet
    • Google Cardboard/Google Expeditions
    • littleBits
    • Merge Cubes
    • Osmo Kits
    • Sphero Ball
    • View Master Reality




    Students can build anything they can imagine with Little Bits electronic building blocks. 


    View Master Virtual Reality

    View Master

    This Tinker Tub contains the view master googles and ipods needed to send your students on a virtual tour.  


    Osmo Kits


    Osmo Kits work with iPads and provide activities that require higher order thinking skills and problem solving. 


    Sphero SPRK

    Sphero Sprk

    Sphero fuses robotic toys, digital apps, and entertainment experiences to unlock the true potential a student's imagination and problem solving skills.