• School Goals

    The goals of Kentwood High are expressed as desirable outcomes for each student. Although it is recognized that not every student will achieve every goal, each student is encouraged to make every effort possible toward reaching the following objectives:

    1. To attain proficiency commensurate with the ability in speaking and writing, reading and comprehending, and logical reasoning.
    2. To acquire basic knowledge and to develop desirable habits of healthful, mental, emotional, and physical living.
    3. To prepare for the competition of the world of work and/or further education by improving work habits, and by utilizing available vocational guidance.
    4. To develop research and study skills that will enable students to continue the learning process.
    5. To gain an understanding of self in order to establish realistic educational, vocational, and personal goals that utilize potential.
    6. To comprehend the relation of learning in school to living and working in the world outside the classroom.
    7. To become a knowledgeable consumer, a responsible family member, and a contributor to the school and community.
    8. To understand and to appreciate their natural environment, their relation to it, and their responsibility for preserving the ecology.
    9. To appreciate their culture and democratic heritage and to assume responsibility for its preservation, improvement, and transmittal to future generations.
    10. To learn to use their leisure wisely and to appreciate sports as spectator and/or a participant.
    11. To appreciate the importance of truth and to develop wholesome attitudes and ideals.
    12. To develop self-respect, respect for other students and adults, and respect for private and public property.
    13. To develop a willingness to judge every person as an individual, not just as a member of a group.
    14. To function cooperatively and willingly in an integrated society.
    15. To acquire acceptable patterns of behavior, that is, self-discipline, good manners, appropriate dress, and moral conduct.
    16. To conduct themselves in a favorable manner when representing the school.