•  Abby

    Abby Anderson
    Email: abby.anderson@tangischools.org   
    Grade Taught: K
    Subject(s): School Phone: (985) 386-9734
    Room Number: 6
    Conferences Available by Appointment.

    Welcome to Perrin Early Learning Center! This is my 3rd year teaching Kindergarten. I am located in the bird room! I cannot wait for a wonderful year.


    Feel free to contact me via email abby.anderson@tangischools.org or school phone with any questions or concerns.


    Things to know about Mrs. Abby.'s class: 

    1. Check  folders nightly for: behavior, homework (due on fridays), notes, and any forms to fill out!

    2. I expect ALL students to follow the rules: Stay in yours seats, raise your hand when you need something, respect and listen to the teacher/ peers and keeping hands to yourself.

    3. I love to see parents working at home with their child! It shows and helps GREATLY! Examples: working EVERY NIGHT on homework together, doing flashcards with your child (ABC's, numbers, and letter sounds), and even pulling up educational websites for your child to play at home (abcya.com,roomrecess.com, etc.)