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    Derek Barksdale B.S. Fire Science, M.A. Christian Studies.
    Grade Taught:9-12
    Subject(s): Allied Health, Medical Terminology, First Responder
    Room Number:122
    Conferences Available by Appointment. This can be set through email.

    I Just want to take a moment to say hello to everyone. This incidents my students and their families. I have a little different background from the average teacher, which makes my classroom environment slightly different. I retired from the Saint George Fire Department in Baton Rouge, LA in October of 2016. After serving the community for almost twenty years, it was time to make more time for my beautiful wife and four children that God has blessed me with. I am first and foremost a servant of Christ, Husband and father of four. I have an extensive background that relates to trauma care, rescue, and various others skill sets that I use to apply to my classroom. I expect my students to be able to apply what they have learned to life. I am not about a letter grade as I tell everyone life is not about grades, but about a "NEVER QUIT attitude." 

    "With God all things are possible!" Matthew 19:26