TPSS Policy Manual

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    Please refer to our DISTRICT POLICIES page of our TPSS Website for information. 

    Tangipahoa Parish School Board Policy Manual Display and Reference Guide
    The policies, laws, guidelines, or other material provided herein were adopted by the School Board. The policies and related information are for information purposes only. Forethought Consulting, Inc., its suppliers and licensors provide only the publication media for the policies and related information passed or accepted by the School Board. Nothing herein shall be construed to place liability on Forethought Consulting, Inc., it's licensors and suppliers, for any and all liability or damage whatsoever caused by relying on the information or content contained in the Tangipahoa Parish School Board website, and in particular the Computer Assisted Policy Service portion contained on the Board's Website.
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    For a complete listing of all the archived Tangipahoa Parish School Board Minutes, go to the TPSS Policy Manual and then click on "Minutes" and the year and date you are interested in viewing.
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