• TPSS Board Committees
    Tangipahoa Parish School Board President, Andy Anderson, announced the committee assignments for the Board for the 2015 calendar year.
    Brett Duncan - President
    Michael Whitlow - Vice President

    Capital Outlay Committee of the Whole:
      Andy Anderson - Chairman, Immediate Past President
    All Board Members

    Policy Committee of the Whole 
    Rose Dominguez, Chairman
    All Board Members
    Walter Daniels - Chair
    Andy Anderson
    Sandra Bailey-Simmons
    Mike Whitlow- Chair
    Walter Daniels

    Instructional Accountability and Support
    (formerly Curriculum Committee)
    Sandra Bailey-Simmons - Chairman
    Andy Anderson
    Gail McDaniel
    Therese Domiano
    Rose Dominguez 

     Vision 2020
    Therese Domiano, Chairman
    Rose Dominquez
    J. Kelly
    Gail McDaniel
    Mike Whitlow
    Walter Daniels 

     Brett Duncan, as President of the Board, serves as an ex-officio member of all committees.