• Adolescent Literacy

    The transformation of the day-to-day practice in the upper grades begins with the fundamentals of school effectiveness and good instruction, then goes a step beyond – to continuously monitor progress, modify practice, and infuse the growing knowledge base about teaching adolescent students to read and write well. Nothing less than a new paradigm is required – one based on joint problem solving, collaborative practice, and collective accountability – that engages students in purposeful reading and writing across all subject area learning. Louisiana’s Adolescent Literacy Plan replaces the old system with a new vision of teaching and learning that produces higher academic achievement for all students.

    Literacy Strategies

    In 2008, the Division of Curriculum Standards and the Literacy Initiative staffs worked together to create videos which demonstrate the use of six of the eighteen literacy strategies integrated in activities of the Comprehensive Curriculum.  We have had numerous requests to make the  videos  available online. I am happy to announce that these videos have been posted to TeacherTube.com.  While TeacherTube is similar to UTube, any contributor of videos must establish an account and all videos posted are reviewed by TeacherTube staff before being accepted to the site. TeacherTube is supported by reputable sponsors and a short advertisement will be shown when viewing a video directly from the site.

    Attached is a document providing information about the use of the videos and the links needed to access each.  This document and the literacy strategy descriptions are posted on the Department’s website as noted below:


    Literacy Page: http://www.louisianaschools.net/lde/lan/2952.html

    Curriculum Portal Page: http://www.louisianaschools.net/lde/portals/curriculum.html

    I hope you will use the videos as part of your opening of school professional development or that conducted during the school year.  We will be creating videos for six additional strategies during the upcoming school year and hope to have them available in the Spring.