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    Art I

    Mrs. April Stovall 

    Art I, Art II, Art III, Art IV, Digital Media & Art Club

    Ms. Gretchen Hintz

    Talented Art

    Ms. Kitty Faulkenberry

    Want to Join Talented Art?

    The Talented Art program is taught by Ms. Kitty Faulkenberry and meets once a week on Wednesdays during school.  Talented Art students must make up any missed work from their other classes immediately upon returning.  

    Mrs. Stovall is the teacher who will sign any Talented Art referral forms and distribute information about Talented Art to interested students.  

    To be considered for acceptance into Talented Art, you will need to submit a portfolio which must include YOUR OWN RECENT artwork as explained below.

    • 1 Still Life Scene- a still life can be anything inanimate (for example: cars, flowers, bottles, vases, etc.) 
    • 1 Landscape Scene - any outdoors scene. 
    • 1 Figure - this may include people or animals, etc. 

    It is, of course, in your best interest to use a variety of media for each work of art submitted in your portfolio.  This includes, but is not limited to, the use of colored pencils, oil pastels, paint, graphite pencils, collages, crayons, markers, pens, etc.

    Portfolios must be submitted to Mrs. Stovall or Ms. Hintz.

Last Modified on October 24, 2017