TPSS Assessment Vision

  • Assessments should be high quality:

    • And aligned to the language and level of rigor of the standards
    • Measuring critical thinking, asking students to analyze and justify problems or synthesize from multiple sources
    • Including tasks worth doing and quality texts that are worthy of missed instructional time.

    Assessments should be part of a meaningful process:

    • Intended for instructional use, providing information about student needs so that teacher can better drive towards equity in the classroom
    • Where analysis of student work gives context and explanation to the data reports
    • In which conversations about data inform instructional strategies and materials.

    Assessment should be part of a coherent system:

    •  Providing students multiple opportunities to demonstrate mastery, item sets provide observable evidence of student mastery of the standard
    • That balances assessment types and provides timely data
    • Helping teachers and students to better understand the expectations of the curriculum.