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    Director of Special Education


    Interagency Agreements

    Athletic Verification

    Inventory / Fixed Assets

    Budgets (SPED)


    Child Specific Attendants (CSA)

    Personnel Activity Report

    Class Projections PreK-12

    Professional Services Contracts

    eGrant, Self Review Monitoring

    Purchase Requisitions

    Immediate Supervisor to SPED:
    Pupil Appraisal Coordinator, SPED Coordinator,
    Program Facilitators, Clerical Staff

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    Catherine Lofton
    Pupil Appraisal Coordinator
    Phone: 310-2135 or 52135 Fax: 542-9947

    Pupil Appraisal

    Child Find

    Discipline (SPED)

    Bulletin 1508:
    Pupil Appraisal Handbook

    Interim Placement

    Mileage (Pupil Appraisal)

    Student/Parent Handbook
    (Special Education Section)

    Disproportionality Issues

    Surrogate Parents


    Talented Evaluations

    Immediate Supervisor to SPED:
    FBA Social Workers, Coordinator of School Wide Intervention, Pupil Appraisal,
    Behavior Intervention Specialists, Speech Diagnosticians, SPED Facilitator

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    Rachel DiBenedetto
    Special Education Coordinator
    310-2121 or 52121

    Adapted Physical Education Program

    Gifted, Talented Programs

    Class Projections:
    (APE, Gifted, Talented, VI)

    ISC Meetings 

     Itinerant Private/Parochial

    Mileage: G, T, APE, OT, PT

    Extended School Year


    Significant Disabilities

    Handle with Care

    Visually Impaired Program


    Immediate Supervisor to OTs, PTs, ATs, APE, Teachers of Private and Parochial Schools,  Teachers of Visually Impaired, Elementary and Secondary Program Facilitators

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    Carla Wainwright
    Child Search Coordinator
    Phone: 310-2122 or 52122

    Community Outreach

    Oversees Transition: Ages 2-3

    Evaluations: Home Schooled and
    Non-Accredited Schools

    Referrals: Ages 3-5

    ODR: Headstart IEPs

     PreSchool Special Education Program
    Ininerant Preschool

    Transition Compliance Report: Part C,
    Child Search Annual Report

    Mileage: Child Search

    Immediate Supervisor to Child Search
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    IEP Program Facilitators
    Fax: (985) 277-5004
    Tara Kinchen
    Phone: 310-2142 or 52142
    Akira Cowart
    Phone: 310-2140 or 52140
    Willisia Tillery
    Phone: 310-2163 or 52163

    Receive Request Forms for
    Student Attendants (Initial and Review)
       IEP Compliance and Monitoring


    Service Plans


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    Special Education Secondary Program Facilitator
    Phone: 310-2121 or 52121

    Supplementary Curriculum Materials

    Curriculum Materials Request Forms:
    Fax: 542-9947

    HS Certificate of Achievement

    Community Based Instruction

    Special Education Testing Contact

    Curriculum Grades: 7-12

    Pupil Progression: 7-12

    GEE Waivers



    Transportation Requests:
    Field Trips
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    Shannon Cusimano
    Special Education Elementary Program Facilitator
    Phone: 310-2164 or 52164

    Supplementary Curriculum Materials

    Curriculum Materials Request Forms
    Fax: 542-9947

    Class Projections: Pre-K

    Curriculum: Early Intervention-6



    Pupil Progression:K-6

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    Regina Roberts
    Coordinator of School Wide Intervention Program
    Phone: 310-2146 or 52146

    Literacy/Numeracy Intervention

    Pre-Referral Intervention Activities

    Multi-Tier Process

    Professional Development: Intervention Strategies, Data Analysis

    eGrant (Early Intervening)

    Response to Intervention-Screening

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    Erin Rick
    Special Education Technology Facilitator
    Phone: 310-2150 or 52150
    Computers/Technology Equipment

    SPED Resources

    Paraeducator Training

    AIM Liason

    SER Training, Contact Person

    Technology Training/Inservices/Resources

    Email Contacts/Correspondences

     Special Education Web Site

    Liaison to Technology Department

    End-of-Year Closeout Procedures

     Assist with AT, VI Programs

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