• Student Enrollment


    Welcome to Tangipahoa Parish School System! Parents/Guardians of new students to our school system are required to register and provide two (2) proofs of their physical 911 address. A student is assigned to a school in his/her home attendance zone, which is based upon the 911 physical residence of parent/guardian. Use the School and Bus Lookup Tool in the left menu to find out which school your student will attend in the 2019-2020 school year. Please follow all steps listed under “Registration and Admissions”. To avoid delay in enrolling your student, please bring all required documents with you at the time of registration.

    IMPORTANT! PLEASE NOTE:  School assignment is based only on the 911 street address given at registration.  All residency information will be examined and, if necessary, investigated to verify the actual residence of the students.  Parents/guardians will be provided confirmation of the residency verification. 

    If at any time the residency information is determined to be false or cannot be verified, the student will immediately be transferred to the correct school in the District or withdrawn and directed to enroll in the public school district of actual residence. 

    Any person who presents or is involved in presenting and/or processing of any document that is falsified or otherwise constitutes a fraudulent document presented for the purpose of having a student assigned to a District school for which the student is not zoned to attend under the District's desegregation orders shall be subject to the penalties for perjury or for making a false statement in a federal legal proceeding.

    The Tangipahoa Parish School System Hammond Registration Center has closed effective December 16, 2019. In addition, student registration services are no longer being offered on Wednesdays at the Roseland Parent Center.

    Effective January 6, 2020, student registration services will be provided at the new “Student Registration Office” located on the first floor of the Tangipahoa Parish School System Special Services Center, 1745 Southwest Railroad Avenue in Hammond. Office hours will be 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

    Phone: 985-474-8690

    Email: registrar@tangischools.org


Last Modified on December 17, 2019