2015-2016 Redistricting Information

  • Louisiana law requires the School Board to adopt a redistricting plan before the end of the year that adjusts the lines of the school board election districts to ensure that each district has approximately equal population, such that no district is more than 5% above or below the ideal district size.  Ideal district size is calculated by taking the total 2010 Census population of the parish and dividing by the number of districts.  The School Board has worked with its consultant to create a plan entitled Working Draft Plan 1 to accomplish this goal.  Under the Voting Rights Act the School Board also is required to maintain two districts in which the minority population makes up a majority of the population of the district.  The Plan achieves this legal requirement as well.

    The public is invited to review the plan and make comment to their School Board member and/or attend the School Board meeting on November 13th to address the School Board at a public hearing.  After the public hearing the School Board will consider the amendment and/or adoption of the proposed plan.  Any plan adopted will not go into effect until the Fall 2014 regular elections.  Also, election districts are not attendance zones and the plan will not determine to which school students may be assigned.