• Important Dates 2019-20 School Year 

    Fall Semester 

    Spring Semester 

    August 12: First Day of School 

    January 7: Teachers’ Prof Dev Day (No Students)  

    September 2: Labor Day Holiday 

    January 8: Students Return

    September 20: End of First 6 Weeks 

    January 20: Martin Luther King Holiday 

    October 4: Tangipahoa Parish Fair Day Holiday 

    February 14: End of Fourth 6 Weeks  

     October 7: Teachers’ Prof Dev Day (No Students) 

    February  24-26: Mardi Gras Holidays* 

    November 1: End of Second 6 Weeks 

     April 3: End of Fifth Six Weeks 

    November 25-29: Thanksgiving Holidays 

    April 3: Strawberry Festival Weekend

    December 20: End of Third 6 Weeks/First Semester 

    April 10-April 17: Spring Break

    December 23-January 3:Winter Holidays 

    May 21: Last Day for Students. End of six weeks



    Report Cards and Progress Reports
    2019-2020 School Year

     End of Six Weeks

    7th Grade
    Report Card

    8th Grade
    Progress Report

    8th Grade
    Report Card

     1st    09/20/19

     Sept. 26, 2019  Sept. 26, 2019        --

     2nd   11/01/19

     Nov. 7, 2019  Nov. 7, 2019        --

     3rd   12/20/19

     Jan. 10, 2020  

    End Semester 1

    Jan. 10, 2020

     4th   02/14/20

     Feb. 20, 2020  Feb. 20, 2020        --

     5th   04/03/20

     Apr. 9, 2020  Apr. 9, 2020        --

     6th   05/21/20


     May 22, 2020


    End Semester 2 

    Mailed May 22, 2020

    As of the 2015-2016 School Year, 8th Grade students follow the High School grading policy. Students keep ALL GRADES for an entire semester and grades are calculated as a percentage. Small assignments are worth fewer points than major assignments and will reflect a smaller change in a student's overall average than a major assignment will. It is very important to TURN IN every assignment. A zero will bring a students grade down very quickly. It is better to try your best and earn at least some credit than to not turn in an assignment at all. All 8th grade students will be taught the new grading system procedures in class.