• Project Unify

    Project Unify Sponsor(s): Ms Calhoon & Ms Falgout

    Membership Requirements: Students of all abilities who are interested in positively impacting their school communities by promoting social inclusion

    Description: Special Olympics Project UNIFY® provides opportunities for young people of all abilities to be leaders in their schools and communities by promoting equality and acceptance. These leadership activities help students with and without intellectual disabilities find their voices by teaching them to become change agents striving for respect and inclusion.  Our students are creating an educational environment where respect and acceptance are the norm and all students feel included and engaged.

    Meeting Time: 4th Wednesday of each month during the 2nd half of first lunch in Ms Calhoon’s room or the 2nd half of second lunch in Ms Falgout’s room. 
    Meeting Schedule:

    January 21st- After school meeting until 3:30
    February 11th- Valentine activity in the cottage
    March 18th- Easter activity in cottage
    March 25th- After school meeting until 3:30 with field trip participants only
    April 22nd- Earth day activity in cottage