• KHMS Philosophy
    The faculty of Kentwood High (grades 7-12) believes that a progressive democracy is correlated with the education system and that the purpose of education is to prepare the students to be practical as they are affected by and contribute to their environment. The faculty helps the students to make proper adjustments by stimulating them to think logically, and to express themselves clearly, and to develop a sincere desire to learn.
    Since desirable goals are realized when students students are happy in their work, the faculty offers guidance in their selection of appropriate curricular and co-curricular activities. Being aware of the importance of interpersonal relationships, the faculty must seek to establish rapport with each student. To work effectively with the students, the faculty must be acquainted with environmental factors and individual differences.
    The faculty of Kentwood High recognizes its responsibility to integrate the learning experience of the students with the present society. It must continually assess the needs of the students to develop their optimum potential and to insure their ultimate success.