Meet the Teacher

  • Ms. Lopez

    Patricia Lopez
       Spanish Teacher
    Grade Taught:             9th to 12th
    Subject(s):                  Spanish I & II
    School Phone:              985-542-1245,
                                            Cell:  985.981.8809
    Room Number:            144 classroom.
    Parent Conferences available by appointment. 

    I was born and lived in Mexico until 1995, where I obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Administrative Computing Systems at the Autonomous University of Guadalajara. After graduating I specialized in Banking and Finances with a Specialty Degree from the same university.

    In 1995, I moved to Puerto Rico and worked at La Perla del Sur News Paper as part of the Copy Edition staff and as a correspondent. This fundamental experience developed my interest in human development, community and sociology studies.

     Back in Mexico, in 2002, I had the privilege of teaching and tutoring diverse subjects from High School to college and, following professional growth, I obtained Human Resources and Human Development associate degrees. These two degrees and other courses of literature and skills training were important keys for my position at the Health State Department of Queretaro. This work gave me the opportunity to understand the importance and magnificence of cultures and individuals growing, evolving and progressing in different regions and situations.

    Being already a US Citizen and in pursuit of progress, in 2010, I established my residence in Louisiana, USA, where I continued my professional preparedness studying and working in tutoring, interpreting and translating for companies and individuals.

    In July of 2013, I founded and established Patricia Lopez Translations, LLC in the City of Hammond and became a Louisiana Supreme Court Registered Interpreter in 2014. This business offers services of interpreting, translating, diverse administrative processes and tutoring Spanish/English for individuals and diverse companies, federal agencies and city courts.

    The field of my work as an Interpreter and Translator has required me to research about the Hispanic population in the City and its interaction with the authorities and governmental entities. In the same way, I have learned about the factors required to address the demographics of this population in our society. This has given me the opportunity to learn about different regions of Hispanic population in Hammond and the Latino demographic group in America. Besides, I have gotten to know and understand the Real American Culture to its roots.

    At the same time, in July of 2014, I became a Spanish Teacher and currently work at Hammond Junior High Magnet School, Greenville Park Leadership Academy as a Foreign Language Teacher. This helped me attain a series of new skills, along with the enrichment of acquaintance invaluable life lessons with American students and other cultures.

     The diverse points of view of the American people range in a vast variety of sociological aspects. It establishes a society which today’s reality is a multicultural and ideological blend. This conjunction is certainly existing, growing and developing as a great socio-cultural entity that is strong, vibrant and absolutely alive.

     As a bilingual US Citizen, with sustainable skills and experience, I have the capacity to offer multicultural knowledge and hard work to the service of the School System, Community, Corporations and people.