Melissa M. Ryan  
       Hi, my name is Melissa Ryan and I am thrilled to be the principal at Martha Vinyard Elementary. I am proud to announce that Martha Vinyard Elementary is a "Leader in Me School." I am dedicated to helping all students develop leadership skills through teaching the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. We are here to help all of our students reach their full potential by providing them with a positive learning environment where they can be successful! My mission at Vinyard is to continue to develop and maintain an environment where every student feels recognized and safe, and understands that they are active participants in their own education and learning. I strive to hire teachers that will develop creative, hands-on lessons that are designed to help students develop more critical thinking skills.
       I look forward to meeting and working with all of the students and parents of Martha Vinyard! I know that parental support and involvement are crucial elements in your child's success, and encourage you to volunteer to spend time at our school working side by side with the staff at Vinyard to provide your child with the best educational learning environment possible. It is evident that students are most successful when all three members of the team are working together with a shared vision ~ the student, the family and the school.
        I  look forward to the excitement, joys, triumphs, and even the challenges that lie ahead for students, staff, parents and community members, as we endeavor to work together to provide opportunities for our students to be successful! We will celebrate our successes in the classroom as well as in the community.

       Martha Vinyard is on its way to excellence! School Performance scores are up, teachers are planning amazing lessons, and the students are working hard to become leaders! Our teachers and students demonstrate on a daily basis that our school’s vision, "Martha Vinyard ~ Where Students Lead to Succeed as they prepare for the challenges of junior high school!” is real! I am committed to making sure that our school continues to help our students develop leadership skills so they can be prepared for the the future. Please know that Martha Vinyard is always open to you! Feel free to e-mail or call me with any comments, questions or concerns.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Ms. Melissa Ryan