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    Amite Elementary Magnet students use iPads
    Richard Sopsher and Shemar Jackson, students in Mrs.Theresa Steward's 4th grade class at Amite Elementary Magnet School, use iPads to master multiplication facts.  AEMS now has iPad Mobile Lab cart that is available for all teachers to check-out to use with students. 
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     Tech Gives the Quietest Student a Voice
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    Sumner Middle School
    Sumner Middle School sixth graders in Estelle Bahm's class have learned about three world religions and are using the netbooks to take notes and save in My Documents.  Ms. Bahm states that whenever the students use the computers there is 100% engagement on task. 
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    Woodland Park Elementary Magnet students
    Woodland Park Elementary Magnet School recently purchased iPad carts to be used in their classrooms. Teachers can check out the iPads to use in centers or in whole group instruction. Attached is a picture of Leah Sanders, Dustin Moore, Josie Garcia, Jaydn Holliday and Ryleigh Olah using the new iPad center in Ms. April Smith's PreK classroom. 
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    Natalbany Elementary FasttMath  
    Natalbany Elementary students, Logan St. Romain, Jaylon Stanley, and Pablo Barrera, are working hard on FasttMath.
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     Ponchatoula Jr. High students working on laptops
    Ms. Amber Walker's 7th & 8th grade Spanish students at Ponchatoula Junior High School use laptops in the classroom to access information regarding the Spanish-speaking countries and various games related to conjugations of verbs. Students used the website related to the textbook to gain information about the countries. 
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    Janet Haydel's QR code scavenger hunt


     Adam Ledet in Janet Haydel’s 4thgrade classroom at D.C. Reeves is using iPod Touches and iPads to work on his Energy QR Code Scavenger Hunt.  Students have been given 10 minutes of class time for the next five days and all the time they want at home to complete their projects. Click here to see more pictures. Mrs. Haydel is participating in an online Blackboard Class called "Crack the Code" where teachers learn about this new technology tool and how it can be incorporated into the teaching and learning process. As you can tell, 100% student engagement happens when Common Core State Standards are addressed with technology tools. To learn more about QR codes check it out here.
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    Independence Middle Magnet School QR Codes
    Jamie White's 5th Grade students at Independence Middle Magnet School scanned their way to good grades with a lesson using QR codes. Ms. White's students used iPod touches to scan QR codes and research their unit on Medevial Times. The students loved how the "magic codes" helped them find the answers to their assignment.  
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    Hammond Jr. High Magnet students wearing Google Glass
    Hammond Jr. High Magnet School Computer Science teacher, Linda Joiner, is participating in the Google Glass Explorer Program. She was selected by Google to be allowed to purchase Glass in its Beta stage. Mrs. Joiner has brought her pair to school on several occasions and has allowed her students to try them out. Google Glass is not available for sale to the general public, but it will be coming soon. These lucky students at HJHMS are among the few in the country that have been able to enjoy this cutting edge technology. 
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    Liam the AEMS weatherman

    Have you heard the news? Students at Amite Elementary Magnet School produce a daily broadcast show called Good Morning Amite. Fourth grader, Liam Adamson, was featured on a special video recently. He gave information about what should be included in a hurricane supply kit. Liam loves to study weather and serves as the “Chief Meteorologist” at AEMS. He even helps other students produce weather reports. To see the video, click here. Liam recently produced a video (with the help of Technology Specialist India Binner) on how a hurricane supply kit can help keep you safe during this storm season.

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    Theresa Steward
    Theresa Steward, a teacher at Amite Elementary Magnet School, was chosen as a 2014 PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovator. This yearlong professional development program will foster and grow a community of tech-savvy educators that will serve as ambassadors for integrating best practices in digital learning in classrooms across the country.
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    Kellie Lutz, a third grade teacher at Hammond Westside Montessori, is an advocate of Donors Choose. She has applied for the grant for many years. She has been awarded all types of materials for students to use in her classroom. Mrs. Lutz recently applied for the Donors
    Choose Grant and was awarded 2 iPads for her classroom. Her students are enjoying the technology while practicing math facts and learning new content. Pictured above are KiemondJefferson and Atorii Dumas. 
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    Ponchatoula Jr. High Spanish class

    Amber Walker's 7th & 8th grade Spanish students at Ponchatoula Jr. High use laptops in the classroom to access information regarding the Spanish-speaking countries and various games related to conjugations of verbs. Students used the website related to the textbook to gain information about the countries. Kailie Robbins uses her headphones to listen about the Spanish-speaking countries.

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    Spring Creek digital picture projects

    Patricia Milton's first grade students at Spring Creek Elementary display their wonderful digital picture projects with the nursery rhyme "Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater."  Perfect for the fall season.

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    Dot Day activity on iPod Touch  
    Students at Amite Elementary Magnet School celebrated International Dot Day by reading the book The Dot and then using the "Art of Glow App" on the iPod Touch to create their own Dot Art.  They are certainly making their mark on the world at AEMS, thanks to Communication Magnet Specialist India Binner and Librarian Sandy Daniels. 
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    Kids working on iPod Touch  
    Second graders in Faye Givens' class at Amite Elementary Magnet School are working together on the one of the  iPod Touches in their class "Tech Box." 
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    The students of Mrs. Jennifer Falcon's class at Tucker Elementary made their mark with technology during their annual Dot Day celebration. Students completed activities on the nComputing station, SMARTboard, and iPads to explore the theme of the story.
      "The Dot," by Peter H. Reynolds, is a story about a little girl who is first discouraged by her inability to draw.  Through the guidance and motivation of a positive teacher, the child learns to explore her artistic abilities and make her mark in her own special way. The character in the story discovers how to share her talents with others, and even grows to become an inspiration to fellow classmates.