Linda Joiner    
    I am the Technology Specialist for Hammond Westside  Montessori and Hammond Eastside Magnet School. I assist the teachers with their technology needs, as well as being the webmaster, PR person, Digital TV manager, and software programs admin used at both schools.



    Our world as educators is constantly changing. New policies, new rubrics, new standards. This year it’s one thing, and next year it will be something else. But isn’t that what we are to prepare our students for? Everyday our world sees changes. New challenges will arise. New problems will surface. It is our job as educators to empower students to overcome new challenges and to thrive in an ever changing world. We don’t need to teach them just the facts and the how-to’s, but we need to teach them to think. To problem solve. We need to instill in them values to see how the things they do impact themselves, their friends and family, the world. We need to prepare students to thrive in a global society and to become productive members of the world. 
    Thursday, June 24, 2021 
     1:09:37 PM