Mrs. Haynes
                                                            Jacquelyn Haynes 
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    Grade Taught: 3rd
    Subject(s): Math and Science
    School Phone: 985-229-8225
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    True Life Biography
    At  Southeastern Louisiana University
    I met my husband, Don
    We were married on Valentine's Day
    thirty-three years ago
    Early on I worked in retail
    Then pursued
    What I enjoyed most, teaching
    First one born was Don the artist
    Now 33 years old
    Many years later, the youngest was born
    Brenan the mathematician
    26 years of age
    My family is a blessing to me
       Learning is a lifelong journey,      
       For the sheer joy of it,  
      Meant to be
     First hands on,
    Gradually grasped with
    Sensory Perception
    And Inventiveness 
     Fully understood,
                              Well enough                                 
      To pay it forward.
    Wednesday, June 23, 2021 1:08 AM