• iB4E

    Intervention before Enrichment

    In an effort to address the student
    failure rate among core courses, Jewel M. Sumner High School is implementing a
    new program called ib4e (Intervention before Enrichment). This program offers
    fun, interesting courses that inspire students to engage in learning that is
    personally interesting to them. If students are not called for interventions by
    their core teachers, they are sent to their Enrichment periods for instruction
    in a variety of subjects that they would not normally have the opportunity to
    enjoy. If a core teacher pulls a student, they are given small group
    instruction on concepts and activities by that teacher. Interventions always
    take precedence before enrichments…hence iB4E.

    New Bell Schedule

    1stHour 7:50-8:40

    2ndHour 8:43-9:33

    iB4E 9:36-10:02

    3rdHour 10:05-10:55

    4thhour 10:58-11:48

    1stLunch 11:48-12:18

    5thhour 12:21-1:11

    5thhour 11:51-12:41

    2ndLunch 12:41-1:16

    6thHour 1:13-2:04

    7thHour 2:07-2:57

    Enrichments Offered at SHS

    Book Club

    Computer Skills A
    Computer Skills B

    Healthy Living

    Hunter’s Education

    Movies A
    Movies B

    Music Theory

    Sign Language


    Craft It Forward

    Art Appreciation


    Board Games
    Musical Theatre Appreciation
    Computer Gaming

    Study Hall