• Students who follow PJHS school Rules and Expectations will earn digital PBIS Rewards Points. (Points are generally not given for academic acheivment). Students may redeem these points for treats, school supplies, school activities and privileges offered by their teachers.
    Our PBIS program runs on a small budget to try to encourage & reward over 800 students on our campus. We are always looking for new, creative and FREE rewards for our kids. If you have suggestions or donations that you would like to make to our committee, please don't hesitate to contact us! Send any ideas or suggestions to juanita.lee@tangischools.org. Thanks! 
    Students and Parents may check the number of points they have collected using the "PBIS Rewards Student" App. Look for the PBIS Student Rewards logo with a graduation cap wherever you download apps. 
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    MArch 13
    April 24
    May Mega Recess