• QR Codes in the Classroom
    What is QR Code What is a QR Code? QR Code
    QR is the abbreviation of Quick Response code. QR codes have become popular due to fast readability and large storage capacity. The code consists of colored modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. QR code use is on the rise in education because they are easy to create, easy to read and students are intrigued by them. That makes them perfect to integrate into the classroom to increase learning among our students. This website will give you lots of information on QR Codes and how to implement them into your classroom. Your students will think you are "The Bomb.com" if you are using QR Codes to teach!  Click Here to watch a video that explains QR Codes.  When you get to this site, scroll down to see the video.
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     Below you will find various sites for creating QR codes. You can create codes
    using videos, websites, text and voice.
    QR Stuff.com - Free QR code generator and QR code online creator. Create QR codes ready to save and/or print.
    Unitag - Create easily a QR code for free and customize it! 
    QR Voice - Record your voice and put it in a QR code.
    Beqrious - Select the type of QR code that you would like to create.  Great site for creating a vCard.
    Visualead - Create a QR code with an image.

    Vocaroo - A great site to create an audio recording free and  link the audio file to a QR code where users scan the QR code and hear the file play on their smartphone.
    QR Code Monkey - This free QR code generator creates QR codes with logo-images.   Generate your QR code for urls, vcard, text, and more.  The best part is adding your own image to your QR code, now account needed.  Save your QR code as PNG file to use in your projects.
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    QR Code Readers for Android

    QR Droid (free)

    QR Barcode Scanner (free)

    QuickMark QR Code Reader (free)

    RedLaser Barcode & QR Scanner (free)

    RL Classic


    QR Code Readers for Blackberry

    QR Code Scanner Pro (free)

    Code Muncher - FREE QR Reader


     Mr. Martinez's Students at Hammond High Magnet School
    using Making Inferences QR Code Activity

    Ms. Haydel's 4th grade students using QR codes in the classroom.

    Parents using QR codes at Woodland Park Magnet School's Open House.

    QR Codes in the Classroom Resources

    Teachers learn all about QR Codes and how to implement them in their
    classroom during the 2 hour training.
    QR Code Workshop
    Shane Kraft's Biology students at Ponchatoula High School participated in a
    QR Code
    scavenger hunt. The codes were posted around the school and students used
    iPods and iPhones 
    to scan the codes and get information.
    QR Code Scavenger Hunt PHS