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    Louisiana State Standards  

     Louisiana Student Standards

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    la connectors

    Louisiana Connectors: K-12 in Mathematics and ELA


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    CC Special Ed Teachers

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    CC and UDL

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    CCSS Severe Disabilities

    Accessing the Commond Core State Standards for Students with Severe Disabilities and Autism

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    Depth of Knowledge
    The next generation of curriculum and assessments
    is requiring students to demonstrate a deeper level of knowledge. The most commonly used classification for categorizing depth of knowledge was developed by Norman Webb.
    It consists of four levels.
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    This free app places the Core
    standards at your fingertips;
    a reference guide to encourage
    greater understanding of CCSS.
    Search math  and ELA standards by subject, grade,
    or category.
    For iPad, iPhone iPod touch, Android,
    and Win8.
    CCConcept Bank
    Common Core Concept Bank app
     is a free, simple way to view each
    Common Core Standard,
    review the supporting concepts
    and find sample assessment
    & practice questions.
    A great reference for teachers and parents
    to easily read and understand
    the core standards in-depth.
    Find standards by grade,
    subject and domain/cluster.

    To Learn More About the
    Common Core State Standards,
    Check Out the Following
    Links and Resources
    (from LATI Newsletter)
    Common Core State Standards Initiative

    First, go straight to the source.
    The Common Core State Standards Initiative website is comprehensive and well-organized.
    You can download PDFs of the English Language Arts (ELA) Standards and the Mathematics Standards,
    see an interactive map of which states have adopted the standards, read a list of myths about the standards,
    and check out a FAQ that addresses many questions
    about them. You can also sign up to get a bi-weekly newsletter
    with Common Core updates from the
    Council of Chief State School Officers.
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    Louisiana Schools Common Core State Standards

    The Louisiana Department of Education’s website on Common Core
    includes an Implementation Timeline, Math & ELA- Related Links,
    General Resources, Resources for Parents, Educator Resources,
    and many other useful links.
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    Mastery Connect is a service that allows teachers to upload, share, discover and collaborate on common formative assessments and track student mastery
    of Common Core Standards. Teachers and administrators can discover and share assessments around both state and Common Core Standards, connect and collaborate in a global professional learning community. The site also offers a free assessment and tracking of mastery core standards feature.
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    Share My Lesson Common Core Information Center


    Share My Lesson is a fantastic free platform where teachers can exchange lesson plans and ideas, developed by the American Federation of Teachers and TES Connect.Their Common Core State Standards information center is a hub for lesson plans and advice.
    The Share My Lesson team did the legwork of digging through
    more than 250,000 user-uploaded and -rated resources
    on the site to find the most relevant ones for teaching
    with the Common Core Standards. They also host a Common Core Forum so you can join the discussion.
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    LearnZillion Lesson Plans

    Another place to look for high-quality teacher-produced lesson plans that align to the Louisiana Student Standards is LearnZillion,
    a learning platform that combines video lessons,
    assessments, and progress reporting -it's like the
    Khan Academy of Louisiana Student Standards. In addition to sortable Math and ELA video lessons, they offer a handy Student Standards navigator.
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    From Common Core State Standards to Standards Based IEPshttp://http://div16perspectives.asha.org/content/13/1/17.full

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    Videos on the Common Core

    The Hunt Institute

    If you're looking for short, accessible videos
    to explain the Common Core Standards,
    check out Hunt Institute's YouTube channel.
    Here you will find more than 30 videos, from brief animated overviews to details on the standards' specifics, to Spanish translations. "
    Shaping rigorous, world-class education standards"
    is one of the Hunt Institute's key initiatives, so it has done great work making the Common Core understandable.
    The institute even wrote a
    Video Vignette User Guide (PDF),
    which helps break down the content of the videos.

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    The Teaching Channel

    The Teaching Channel also offers more than 100 great videos,
    from broad overviews to lesson ideas for specific standards.

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    Southeast Comprehensive Center

    The Southeast Comprehensive Center region created Common Core State Standards videos
    which were designed to support states, schools, and teachers in the implementation of the CCSS. Each video, organized by grade level, is an audiovisual resource that focuses on one or more specific standards and usually includes examples/illustrations
    geared to enhancing understanding which can be adapted for instructional use.
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    Pearson Education

    Pearson Education shares interview videos of two of the
    developers/Committee Members of The Common Core curriculum. These short video clips are arranged in a Q & A format
    specific to ELA & Math Standards.

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