• Classroom Timers
    Teachit Timer
    Teachit Timer
    Teachit Timer is free,simple, and has something that many other timers don't: it shows time elapsed andtime remaining.
    Online Stopwatch 
    This site has a variety of timers to use with your students. 
    Be sue to click on the "Use the Timer Full Screen" option for optimal viewing. 
     time and date
    Time and Date
    This site has more than just a useful timer!  Check out all of its many features.
    iPad Stopwatch
    This clock works well on all tablets and smart phones. 
     egg timer
    Egg Timer
    This timer uses large, black numbers on a white background.  Nothing fancy (or distracting) here.  Great to use when testing. 
     Notebook Timer
    Notebook software has two different timers in the gallery. They can either be displayed on the white page of Notebook or use “Transparent Background” under the  “View Screens” icon and the timer will show on the Desktop of the computer.

    Watch the following clip to learn more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2erTjAitbWM