• Letter Jackets & Patches

    General Information  

    Contact:  Coach Amber Babin
    • The Recognition Company will be on campus three times per year.
    • Dates will be announced one week in advance. 
    • Packets will be distributed to the students that have earned a letter-man jacket. 
    • Each coach or sponsor will submit a list to Coach Amber Babin and only those students will be allowed to receive a packet.
    • The company will return one week later to collect money and measure each individual for a jacket.
    • If a student has a completed packet but is not financially ready to complete the order, the company will measure the student. The student can mail the packet when they are financially able to do so. 
    • All jackets will be delivered to HHMS approximately 6 to 8 weeks after the order is placed.
    Visit The Recognition Company website for pricing information.