• Rebecca Walls

     Rebecca Walls 
    Grade(s) Taught: 11- 12
    Subject(s): (Math 161 college algebra, Advanced Math honors, AP Calculus, Algebra 2 honors)
    School Phone: 985-386-3514
    Room Number: 14
    1st year at PHS: 2012
    Conferences Available by Appointment.

    Welcome to my classroom. I hope this year is a great year for you and hope that it is filled with many exciting things that you will remember for the rest of your life.  High school can be a trying time for students and teachers alike.  As a senior you are on the verge of taking a giant step into the "real world" and it can be quite scary if you are not prepared.  It is my job as your teacher to get you ready for college and maybe even life after college.  

    A little bit about me:


    I graduated high school in 1989 from a small school (population about 500) called Northeast Jones High.  It is located in Laurel, Mississippi.  My father was an oilfield worker so this meant we moved alot throughout my entire elementary and high school years.  I went to 13 different schools from kindergarter to 12th grade.  I lived in 14 different states in this time frame, so I know what it is like to have start over and meet new people and teachers. 

    I was born "legally blind" and have had 13 different eye surgeries in my lifetime that have allowed me to see well enough to do what I love to do the most - TEACH.  I don't want you to think that I am telling this part of my life to gain pity from you, because that is not my intent at all.  I am telling this to let you know that despite all the problems that I have had in life with moving alot and not being able to see for the majority of my early years I was still able to reach my DREAM JOB in life which is teaching.  I had hard times and had to go through much of my beginning college courses completely blind until my final surgeries were done, but no matter what I was facing, I did it with DETERMINATION, and DEDICATION to my school work and life.  Never give up on your dreams but be prepared to put in the work for them.  

    After high school I went to Jones Junior College and received my Associates Degree before heading to The University of Southern Mississippi to receive a B.S. degree in Mathematics as well as a B. A. degree in English.  I wasn't finished yet though because I went on to live in a small college town in Texas called Canyon, TX to work and earn my master's degree in Mathematics at West Texas A&M University (WTAMU).  I stayed in TX from 2001 to 2008 teaching at WTAMU as a math instructor then moved to Hammond, LA to take a position at SELU as an instructor.  However due to budget cuts, I was released after one year and found myself teaching at the high school level for the first time.  I began at St. Thomas Aquinas in the spring of 2009 and remained there until the fall of 2011 when I went back to SELU for one year.  After one year, I took a job at Ponchatoula High School and have been here ever since then.  I know now that I belong at the high school level and would not trade my job for anything else in this world.  I love teaching high school and I love PHS.


    I am happily married to Gary Walls and have two beautiful girls (18 and 13) who keep me extremely busy outside of school.  Bowling is my favorite hobby and I have been bowling for 35 years.  I bowl on three leagues at night and weekends as well as coach PHS bowling team through the year, so I am at the bowling alley nearly every night.  When I am not bowling or watching my daughters play sports, I love to read, and go to movies on Saturday mornings.  Pretty boring.