• M Harrell  

    Monteral L. Harrell 

    Room Number: 57 (Amite Elementary)
                            T6 (Amite West Side Middle)
    Conferences are available by appointment.

    Grades Taught:   2nd- 12th

    Subject:  Speech Therapy 

    School Phone:  985-748-6953 (Amite Elementary Magnet School),
    985-748-9301 (Amite High Magnet School),
    985-748-9073 (Amite West Side Middle Magnet School)


    Online Speech Therapy Resources for Parents

    *Parents:  Please send me your telephone numbers or email addresses via my school email:  Monteral.Harrell@tangischools.org



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    I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Mrs. Harrell. I am a Speech Therapist at Amite Elementary Magnet School, Amite West Side Middle Magnet School, and Amite High Magnet School.  

    I feel that parent/therapist communication is very important for the growth of each child.  Since I travel to different schools and I will not be at your child's school every day, the most direct way to reach me is by email. My address is  Monteral.Harrell@tangischools.org.  Communication is a top priority for me. So, if I have not returned your call or message within a few days, I probably did not receive it for some reason. In that case, please try another method of contacting me.


    Together I know that we can make a difference in your child's speech and language skills. I am so happy to be your child's speech therapist and I look forward to a wonderful year full of growth and positive experiences for your child.



    Important Information on articulation:


    Your child may have an articulation problem if:

    • Family/friends cannot understand his/her speech
    • Your child is frustrated when not understood
    • Your child leaves off the ends of words (ex. ca/cat)
    • Your child misarticulates sounds (ex. wabbit/rabbit)


    • 90% of 3-year-olds have acquired the following sounds with a delay by age 4:
      m, h, n, w, b , p
    • 90% of 4-year-olds have acquired the following sounds with a delay by age 4.5:
      k, g, d, f, j, t
    • 90% of 6-year-olds have acquired the following sounds with a delay by age 6.5:
      ing, r, l, s, ch, sh, dj
    • 90% of 7-year-olds have acquired the following sounds with a delay by age 7.5:
      z, v, th (voiced), th (unvoiced)


    Traditional therapy approach for articulation errors includes:

    • Learn to listen for correct sound
    • Say sound correctly by itself, in a word, in phrases and sentences and in conversation
    • Other approaches are used if appropriate


    • Avoid “baby talk”
    • Model good speech
    • Praise correct speech
    • Read and talk with your child