• TangiTech

    To register for TangiTech, go to the Staff Development Portal.

     TangiTech cycles have one Saturday and a two week Blackboard follow-up ... you must commit to attend Saturday and complete the Blackboard assignments before you register for the class. If you are unable to attend on Saturday, please wait and sign up for another cycle.


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    You must have completed TangiTech Elementary or TangiTech High School before you can take TangiTech Social Studies, TangiTech Science and/or TangiTech Math. 

      General Information


    • Participants will recieve a totol of 27 CLUs and 27 tech points for meeting ALL requirements of each TangiTech cycle.

    •  Tech Points are awarded for Technology Staff Development that takes place outside of school hours. Teachers receive 1 Tech Point per hour and can spend the points in the Tech Point Store in the Staff Development Portal. The funds used to purchase all Tech Point equipment and supplies are from grant sources, which require the more expensive equipment to be tagged and remain on Tangipahoa Parish School System inventory. This equipment is the property of the teacher as long as she/he remains an employee of TPSS. When the teacher leaves the parish, the equipment must be returned to the TPSS Technology Department.
    • All TangiTech Cycles will be held in one of the Technology Training Labs... either at C.M. Fagan in the T3 Lab, or the Technology Center Training Lab in the Technology Building behind Hammond Jr. High's campus.