• Videos in the Classroom
    Louisiana Video created by Tina Montecino's Kindergarteners
    All About Louisiana Video
    Tina Montecino's Kindergarteners at Woodland Park Elementary Magnet created a fantastic video all about Louisiana. This is a project based learning activity in which the children worked on their communication skills while learning about their state.
     Hammond High Magnet School 9th Graders in Linda Joiner's class created this video for the LACUE 2012 Video Contest. Erika LaBorde performs the song for the video.

    Students in Mr. Jackson's 3rd grade class enjoyed learning about the scientific method while creating a rap video. SLU methods students used this as a culminating activity to their unit on the Scientific Method.
    At the end of their ecology unit, Christina Verberne, Biology teacher at Loranger High shows the Lion King to her students and then they have to create a PowerPoint of the ecology concepts in the movie.  This year, thanks to your Technology Department professional development classes, Mrs. Verberne showed her students how to convert their power points to JPEGs and use Movie Maker to create a video. Check out the three projects below.




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