• 4H

    4H Sponsor(s): Mr James Square

    Membership Requirements: A willingness and availability to complete in a variety of Parish competitions including cooking, posters, sewing and public speaking.
    Description:  4-H is the nation’s largest youth development organization. More than 6 million 4-H youth in urban neighborhoods, suburban schoolyards and rural farming communities stand out among their peers: building revolutionary opportunities and implementing community-wide change at an early age.

    Time Requirements: Monthly meetings during Lunch/ Recess throughout the year. 4H projects & competitions also take place throughout the year. 
    Meeting Schedule: Meetings will take place during the lunch/recess time. 
    Membership Fees:  $15 Due by 10/30/20 with membership form
    Next Meeting: November 4th, Room 114. Listen for announcements about time. 
    Parish Fair Forms & Information: