• Philosophy

    We at Jewel M. Sumner School believe in the overall development of the total student. This belief requires that we provide learning experiences that will allow the student to grow intellectually, emotionally, culturally, socially, physically, and morally, in order that he or she may achieve self-actualization and become a productive member of our dynamic democratic society.

    Although our students are from divergent groups, we recognize that each individual possesses unique characteristics, traits, and potential. We, therefore, believe that the educational process should foster effective, wholesome attitudes and behavior aimed at achieving self-motivation and self-discipline and developing a positive self-image.

    We believe that a flexible and functional curriculum should include a variety of courses in academic, vocational, and physical areas, as well as individualized programs of study for special needs students. Implementation of the curriculum is further enhanced by extra-curricular activities, guidance programs, health services, and the cooperative effort of the home, the school, and community.

    Ultimately, recognizing that education is a continuing process, we strive to equip our students with the necessary skill, technology, and concepts, to continue learning, understanding, and adjusting to an ever-changing society.