•  Charlotte Kelly

    Charlotte Kelly, M. Ed.
    Grade Taught: 2
    Subject(s): All
    Conferences Available by Appointment.
    Hi! My name is Charlotte Kelly. Second grade is amazing and we will be busy, busy, busy all year long! I am looking forward to having lots of fun, too.
    Look for HOMEWORK sheets to be sent home on Mondays. Our HOMEWORK folder is green and has pockets inside labeled "Keep" or "Return." The things on the "Keep" side are for you to KEEP at home. The "Return" side is where you send things back to me, or send notes TO me.
    The PBIS calendar page remains on the "Return" side all through a six-weeks period. PLEASE look at it and initial it every day. This lets your second-grader know that we are a team working together to help him/her learn to be GOLDen. 
    G= good manners
    O= ownership
    L= listening
    D= dependability
    If your child comes home with yellow or red on his/her calendar often, please reinforce that we need to behave in the classroom so that all students can learn. 
    Please let me know if you think we need to have a conference and we can set one up in the morning (before school) or in the afternoon (after school). I can also meet with you during the school day, between 8:45-9:25 on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Fridays.
     Our pull-out classes are as follows:
    Tuesday-- Math Computer Lab
    Thursday-- Reading Computer Lab
    Friday-- P.E.
    Reading and Math are our highest priority....READ something every day! All students must take the reading tests independently. Each weekly test includes a short passage that the students have not seen before. They are expected to read it and answer questions about it, based on the skills we have learned during the week. 
    Math work is completed in class daily and sent home for review. Occasionally, an "extra" practice page is also sent home. It will be marked "homework" and should be completed and returned to school the following day. Please invest in a set of addition and subtraction flashcards for your second-grader to use for practice at home. DO NOT send them to school....we have plenty here! 
    I try to assign a "project" activity once each six weeks in either science or social studies. These are graded and you will get instructions for each one. I even send home the grading checklist so you will know exactly what is required! Have fun with these assignments!
    Scholastic book club orders will be sent home regularly. Order from them as you can. Children love to have their own books and there are many affordable ones available.
    We are fortunate to have several students in our class who are learning English as a second language (ESL). In December 2015, I recieved my Master's degree in teaching ESL, so there are several strategies I use to assist these children. The awesome part is that these strategies are often helpful for ALL children at this age because all are still learning our language!