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    Coach Katie Fletcher
    Email: phswavettes@gmail.com
    ***20-21 Wavette Team: Please download the remind app and join our "class"(Wavettes20-21) for communication throughout the year!***
    ***2020 Phsyical Day at North Oaks Health System----RESCHEDULED
    2020-2021 Wavette Roster 
    ***Congratulations to all of the Wavettes for this upcoming year! If your number is on the list, there will be a MANDATORY wavette/parent meeting on Wednesday March 4, 2020 at 5:30pm for yearly information and fittings!***
    The 2019-2020 Wavettes won 1st place at UDA for their home routine during the summer! 
    We love football season! 
    19-20 Wavettes

    Back Row- Emily LeRoux, Alexis Dionne, Jikaya Hart 

    Middle Row- Gabby James, Emma Dow 

    Front Row- Jaelyn Moya, Alyssa Freeman, Madeline Nicosia