Mrs. Jackson

    Mrs. Julie Jackson
    Grade Taught: Third  Grade Accelerated
    Subject(s):   All
    School Phone:985-345-0854
    Room Number: 110
    Conferences Available by Appointment.

           As a teacher, I feel to be an effective teacher one must teach the whole child. These are the qualities I feel should be evident in teaching the whole child. An effective teacher should make students’ learning the primary focus of attention. One should induce an environment with respect for the teacher and for all students regardless of which community they live in. It should be evident that the teacher models understanding and wisdom in all situations that may develop. The effective teacher should be able to bring himself/herself down to a level where he/she can also learn from the students. An effective teacher should not only be able to cry with his/her students in sad situations but he/she should have a listening ear, should try to understand the environment each student comes from, have the quality that keeps the classroom with a feel of closeness for each other, and teachers should also have a sense of humor. This make the students feel that teachers are people too.

             In my everyday teaching, I try to be an effective teacher by exhibiting the quality of being able to reach and teach the social, mental, physical, emotional, financial, as well as the academic needs of all my students. I feel the characteristics of an effective teacher is the ability to maintain a positive, cooperative, reinforcing, happy, and fair environment in the classroom.


    Julie V. Jackson

    Third Grade Teacher