• HEEM Performing Arts Educator and International Master Teacher of classical Ballet

    Artie Fellom Gautier
    Grade Taught: 7th
    Subject(s): Performing Arts   
    School Phone:985-345-8481
    Room Number: Main Hall Office Door
    Conferences Available by Appointment on Monday
                            Audience for Opera Fanfare
    I strive to reach each child with the wonders of life through the performing arts.  It is my hope that they may reach their full potential as growing young people that will positively affect the world in which we share and live. 
    Welcome to my performing arts class.  I am so glad I will be working with you this year.  It will be glorious!
    I love teaching and I love the arts. I think and feel strongly that all students can benefit and grow through the arts. The Fine and Performing Arts afford us an avenue in which to learn about the historical importance of all people and the gifts that are around us in all diversity, our cultures, our talents. I hope to expose students to a broader understanding of the arts and the importance of appreciating the valuable information and creativity that only the arts can promote.  
    Tuesday, August 20, 2019